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Braga Martins Advogados

Criminal law practice is a task that demands enormous vocation due to the great difficulties and obstacles that stand in the way of the professionals who work in this area.

Brazilian society is experiencing a historic moment where some punitive ideals, that were once unimaginable, are returning strongly. It was thought that with the end of the military dictatorship and the advent of the Federal Constitution of 1988 (called Citizen Constitution), criminal law would move to modernity and would eliminate the manifestations of irrational punishment at its core.

However, what we have witnessed is that globalization, instead of uniting citizens around the same values, has broken society and provided a lack of identity between its cohabitants.

Because of this lack of empathy among citizens, each individual demands extreme exemplary punishment to those who are accused of acting contrary to what we have established as law.

Thus, there is room for punitive speech, through which it pleads the segregation of those who are accused of practicing any crime.

This social context is extremely delicate. In recent years, we have seen that a great part of society has undertaken a real crusade against crime, in order to establish a rigid method of social control.

In this way many behaviors are criminalized, especially those concerning the environment, consumers, the national financial system, the popular economy and narcotics.

Through criminal law, the state began to control the behavior of the people arbitrarily, reaching even citizens who don't act with harmful intent. Many behaviors are prohibited, making the individual unsure as to how to proceed in society.

On the other hand, the media, who's quite aware of the popular interest in everything involving criminal law, often starts to exacerbate society's desire for punishment by promoting real public execration of the accused and his lawyer.

In this context, the mission of criminal lawyers is to be alongside, and sometimes, even step in front of their customers throughout all this martyrdom process, acting as their spokesman and defending their rights with all their strength.

The role of defense professionals is to work without measuring efforts, relying on their clients, protecting them from any arbitrariness of the state and of public opinion, which only gets volatilized when seeing the accused behind bars.

We - criminal lawyers - know how difficult it is to live in today's society, in which we no longer know whether certain conducts are a crime or not. We also know about the suffering and the anguish that reaches the one who finds himself as the recipient of social anger and state persecution.

At the same time, we do not ignore that some human behaviors cause extreme damage to the physical and moral heritage of the victims, and that it’s not always that the state can respond adequately to these offenses. For this reason, it is also our job to protect the victims, seeking to minimize the financial burden and especially the suffering of those who have had their rights violated.

It is with this sensitivity, combined with technique, that the lawyers that are a part of the BRAGA MARTINS ADVOGADOS fight to the end for the respect of our clients' rights.